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Latest Work

Leo is an optimistic response to the beginning of a new decade.  Leo is an interpretation of the January 1950 cover of ‘Stitchcraft’ magazine.  This joyously positive embroidery uses hand knitted Shetland wool and a found palette of fabrics, machine embroidered onto a vintage scarf.

Eleanor is made as a companion piece to Leo and is filled with hope and optimism.  She was inspired by a photograph in ‘Stitchcraft’ July 1950. Like Leo, Eleanor was among the most popular names in both 1950 and 2020.  It reflects the current interest in vintage names for both boys and girls.

Sonia is inspired by a photograph of models wearing Sonia Delaunay dresses in front of a Citröen B12 car painted by the artist in 1925. Using a beautifully coloured vintage scarf as the starting point, the figure is embroidered modelling a sweater with a geometric design from ‘Stitchcraft’ April 1946 which mirrors the design of the scarf.  An aristocratic image inspired by a domestic knitting pattern.

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